Tuesday, May 29, 2012

memorial day weekend.

when i turned 15 and got my drivers license, my dad surprised me with a little audi. 

i seriously loved this car. alot. it was my dream car. i planned on owning it for the rest of my life. yeah that didn't happen. haha. in december my dad kinda wrecked it. so i drove his gold f150 until oh, yesterday. for graduation, my dad surprised me again. 
with a little vw passat.

i know this little car looks out of place in the middle of he woods but my dad and i were fishing and it looked like a perfect instagram moment. and it was. 

anyways. i could not be happier with this car. 
it's literally exactly the same as my audi, just a little roomier on the inside. it drives like a dream.
and i'm in love.

it needs a name. 
any suggestions? :)


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