Friday, June 1, 2012

i have no post title.

i've been so good with eating healthy lately! if only i could kick my diet coke habit. it's everywhere. haha. 

told you. but i'm pretty good. if i drink any soda, i make myself drink the same amount of water because i hate being dehydrated. 

we went to lunch here today. (okay, lets be honest here, today i absolutely FAILED at my healthy eating. oh well, i guess i can start again tomorrow. )

this is the perfume i ended up getting. i love it a whole lot. :)
country chic from bath & body works. you can never go wrong there! 
i wish i had an unlimited amount of money to spend at bath & body... all the good smells... could be mine. (heehehe)

i've got two pairs of knockoff toms... and i really like them. 
and my legs are glaringly white. 

and look at my cute blonde hair. my aunt gave my hair a little facelift last week.

happy friday, y'all. 

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