Tuesday, June 19, 2012


i was tagged by bina for the versatile blogger award. 

you know there's always a set of rules for these types of things but i think i'm going to break them all because she already tagged all the girls i would have. haha. whoops.

and so the only two rules i'm following are
(1) link to the person who nominated you 
(2) share seven random facts.
(but really, bina's blog is fabulous and i love it.)
(you should follow.)

seven facts.

i hate showering because it means having to dry off and put clothes on again.

i like cats more than dogs.

my dream job is to own an equine rehabilitation center.

i always have to have my toenails painted. unpainted toenails are icky.

my favorite food is fried rice.
(maybe macaroni and cheese but today it's fried rice.)

right now, my hair is the longest it's ever been in my life.

i love college football.

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