Monday, June 18, 2012

wait, what?...

sometimes i look at people and think,
really? that's the sperm that won?...

harsh, but i honestly do sometimes.

because sometimes i hate people. 

and, i am so over all the love songs! 
i can't listen to any of them. whenever lady antebellum 
or any other country mushy songs or anything i have to skip it.
i just can't handle it right now.

i think its because suddenly i've been forced to 
talk to boys that i have history with and it brings back memories. haha.
some real good, some just plain ol good, and some that are just eh.
but hey at least i have a memory.

i am raging today. 
i have a killer headache too.

i. see. kath. in. four. fricken. days.

i. am soooo. excited.

yeah. that's all.


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