Monday, July 30, 2012

bait a hook, man.

some girls say, "i want to marry a country boy."

i say, "i have to marry a country boy."
if you don't know how to bait a hook, start a tractor, or back up a horse trailer with 2 tons of horseflesh inside, i'm afraid that you're automatically disqualified. i'm nowhere near as country as some people i know, but living in the open with acres of nothing but backroads and horses to keep me company is something that i've learned to love so much that there's no way on God's green earth i could give it up. 

give me a man who can drive a truck, knows how to work, and can be gentle yet firm, and that's really all i need. them city boys... sorry, you wouldn't be able to handle me. (or my horse, for that matter.) sometimes the city girls think they can have the country boys, but if you're afraid to get mud on your boots and dirt in your hair, don't deserve one. 

cause you know what they say,
country boys can survive, 
ladies love country boys,
and hell yeah.

jess :) 

1 comment:

Melia Clegg said...

amen. couldn't have said it better myself. i'll marry a country boy if its the last thing i do.