Monday, July 30, 2012

too much information about mens deodorant & other things.

mens deodorant. i have a few things to say about it.

1) i use it.
2) because i sweat.
3) it works ridiculously well.
4) the strongest women's deo is like the weakest men's.
5) i found one that smells like a girl so i bought it and holy cow, i'm impressed with the results.
6) i realize that this is really weird but hey, i just thought i'd share in case any other girls out there have the same problem.
7) the specific kind i use is old spice fiji... because it smells like a girl. i honestly don't know what man would ever use it because it's not man smelling. haha.
8) turns out, like half of the other girls that i know use guy's deodorant too... cause lets face it, women's deodorant sucks. it doesn't even work. lame.

other things.

1) sunday while i was getting ready, i looked at myself in the mirror and i kinda realized that i look older than i did a few months ago. i kinda like it.
2) you know how i feel about ryan lochte? well today he got upstaged by (1) sam mikulak and (2) tom daley. sorry ryan, you've now only earned the bronze medal in my book.
3) i've had a solid week of good hair days. i'm digging it.
4) logan in t-minus 18 days.


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