Tuesday, July 17, 2012

i suppose i've been feeling sassy lately.

this post is real long. but it's good. 
so you should read the whole thing. yeah.

um, but for really. 
(i must have been out of school for too long, my english is really good.)
i mean everything has been a "snap my fingers in a z-formation hip rotation" type of thing. come on people, get a clue and get out of my flipping way before i punch you in your dadgum face.

college... i'm nervous for you. but also very excited. 
i went to logan yesterday to drop my brother off at efy and hullo i got lost. desperately. i know in general where everything is but boy can i tell you, i'm so glad that i'm moving in a week before school starts. it'll give me lots of time to deal with this little curse i have called "i can't find anything even if its right across the street without getting lost."

it makes me a little sick to my stomach to see how much college costs. 

i have a summer reading assignment. what the frick, i refuse. 
just kidding. i'm going to be a good student in college. it always seems a little crazy to me that people flunk out of college, because, i mean, you're paying to go there. so you might as well get a quality education while you're at it.

remember this?
my new years resolutions are actually going quite well. one of them was to get to 30 followers and i'm at 23. so. close. i'd really like to get there soon so help a girl out, would ya? :) also. i kinda wanna start doing guest posts with some other girls who have small blogs! yes? no? maybe? 

i kinda have done nothing all summer but watch tv and swim in the lake and drink crystal light and diet coke and listen to good music. speaking of. here's my current playlist:

how country feels randy houser
she's country jason aldean
it's time imagine dragons
cruise florida georgia line
even if it breaks your heart the eli young band
young kenny chesney
radioactive imagine dragons
take a little ride jason aldean
paint sol
5-1-5-0 dierks bentley

and one last thing. 


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Megs said...

oh man this post was too good. that picture at the end was cash money.
and i support the idea of guest posting.
mainly because i wouldn't mind being a guest.