Saturday, July 14, 2012


i finally got to go ride butterscotch. honestly it was the best ride i've ever had in my life even though she went all crazy horse. haha. 

the people's arena i use is connected to their pasture via a gate, and the gate was open. after i mounted i realized that i hadn't closed it and all their horses were out in the pasture. all the mares saw that i was hurrying and riding towards them on another mare and got really excited and came right up to me (still sitting on butter) and they did their annoying little squeals that all horses do when they meet each other for the first time. they were like all crowding my legs so i basically had to do an emergency dismount by sliding backwards off butterscotches butt (thank heavens she's not a kicker) and go tie her to the fence, get a halter and catch the lead mare and take her back out to the field and then lock the gate. 

then finally we could ride again. haha. 

but. she was so excited and hyper to be around other horses she went all psycho and refused to take the bit and wouldn't collect and would run super super fast... basically crazy horse.

but thats okay. 
because butterscotch makes a happy jessica.


jessica. :)

ps. aren't we cute?

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