Tuesday, July 24, 2012


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just in case you were wondering.

1) after hunting for literally three hours for running music that managed to get my legs going, i finally found what i've been searching for. think old school rap & hip hop. i feel kinda ganster when i listen to it. but that's okay, cause as long as it keeps me running i figure it's worth it. i'll be sweating a ton and doing a lot of yoga the next few weeks, because i have 2 pairs of super cute jeans and a dress that i need to fit before school starts. if clothes aren't motivation i don't know what is.

2) okay can it be fall please? i have a few things that i'm waiting for that i'm anxious to do. (mainly this eric church concert & aggie football games) and all my cute new fall clothes that i've bought. 

3) if i was a rich girl, na na na na na na na na na na na na na. (please tell me you sung this in your head.) ((gwen stefani may or may not be in my new workout music.))

4) im really in love with good, ripe berries. it doesn't really matter what kind. 

5) i love love love love love old movies. think casablanca, to catch a thief, pillowtalk, charade... really anything with cary grant in it. man, i wish men dressed like that these days. 

6) i would like to direct your attention to the side bar. ---> i've managed to pull together every bit of technological mastery i have in my brain to create a button. please take one. cause it was a lot of hard work. haha.

7) that's all for today.

jessica :)

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