Sunday, July 29, 2012

my soul sister. (and other things.)

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you've all been introduced to my three very best friends before on this blog quite often. kathy, summer & clara. today i'm just especially grateful for summer. she became a best friend in a time of my life where i just needed someone with no strings attached. you know, the kind of friend that can tell you that you have a zit that needs popped or that she accidentally used your toothbrush. (crazy stuff happens when you're camping, don't ask.) anyways. if i had to pick one friend that i had to name my soul sister, summer would be her. we have the same eyes, the same hair, the same taste in boys & music, and most importantly, an identical sense of humor. i spent all weekend with this girl & i will miss her probably the most when i go to college. (don't tell anyone else ;) ) 

in other news:
-i have a raging food headache. too much sugar makes my body go haywire. and i mean literally, haywire.

-i enjoy talking to people, however as of late i've become a really bad texter. i used to be pretty good but now i just can't carry a conversation or i get distracted and forget how to reply. so. if you have some spare time and want to call me or skype me, please do.

-i have a raging crush on someone i shouldn't. haha. but it's only a crush so i think i'll get over it.

-i love the olympics. but. female body builders and weight lifters freak me out. especially the chinese ones.

-ryan lochte is a flipping b.a.b.e.... like he's my number one. forget michael phelps, he was so 2008. 

-i move to logan in 20 days. 

and that's all. 
xox jessica :)

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Megs said...

dude, when i first saw Ryan i thought i'd died and gone to heaven.