Wednesday, July 11, 2012


today was a waste.
and i feel like yuck.

unfortunately i'm still real moody 
and want to eat junk food realllllly bad 
and grew a fricken huge zit on my face. 
on my chin. 
and i feel really fat. but its mostly cause i'm bloated.
and this post already contains a lot of information you probably didn't want to know. 
sorry about that. 


i'm dying to ride butterscotch.. it's been over a month since i've been able to go spend more than 45 minutes with her. that's the longest gap of riding i've had since my freshman year of high school and i really don't like that. at all. like i think about it and i start crying. and i'm being serious. lets blame that on hormones too, okay? okay. 

in other news.

i just bought a new bedspread for college.
i also am having a mini panic attack because i move out in oh, 36 days. 

i guess thats it for today.


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