Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ed, lego houses, & frustration.

the good

ed sheeran. oh goodness, i haven't loved a british ginger so much since ron weasley.

this is my favorite song by him. 
and after everything i've done, i think i love you better now.
my birthday is in a month and seven days.
i leave for college in 10 days. wendy & i are roadtripping it down.
gosh i love her!
i completely redid the blog last night & i'm really really digging it.
i made cookies today.
i'm going to have a baby horse. but that story deserves it's own post.

the bad

the highway is closed because of all the fires. 
so, i can't get down to the valley to feed the horses or anything.
thank heavens for angels in human form who are ready & willing to help.
the smoke makes my nose and throat hurt.
we got a new roommate... and i'm not sure how i feel about her yet. 
but the other 4 girls are great. 
i think this year will be a major adventure.

that's all.

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