Thursday, August 9, 2012

dear future roommates,

okay honestly how cool is this? i would use it disgustingly often.

dear future roommates,
seeing as how we're going to be living with each other in eight days,
i thought i'd give you a little overview of myself.
my two biggest pet peeves are hair and toothpaste blobs in the sink. holy nasty.
i can deal with dirty dishes and all that jazz no problem. but hair and toothpaste? nope.
sometimes i randomly cry for no reason. i promise i'm fine. haha. 
i'm easy to get along with, however i have zero tolerance for petty drama. 
if you start something i might hit you hard enough to shut you up.
fair warning.
i love baking, so i'm sorry if i make you fat.
and that's basically it.

so, much love and i'm excited for the next 9 months together!

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