Thursday, August 2, 2012

it's thursday.

i looked super super cute on sunday.

and it's time to do 7 questions. 

it's the first day of august. are you savoring summer or ready to jump into fall?
i'm over summertime. give me fall already, would ya? i finally decided to drop the class i've been debating over for weeks. that takes a load of stress off & now i'm feeling better about school. so lets get on with it.

you need a quick and healthy meal. what do you make?
a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. that's healthy, right?...

you go to the mall. how do you shop?
park by dillards and wander by the shoes. head to gap and maybe, maybe american eagle. meander to romy & go through banana republic, out the other side to forever 21 and then back down. 

would you rather buy a new house or renovate an old one?
buy a new one. i've always been super terrible at fixing things, plus my family has remodeled more than once & i hate it. hate the whole process. unless i marry a builder who can build us a house, i'm just gonna buy a new one.

long hair or short hair?
both. i have had short hair 80% of my life so i really like it. but i also like my long hair. it's different than me and it's never been this long in my life but i'm diggin it.


it's cute both ways. 

who is your oldest (not by age) friend?
close friend?
probably kathy. because we moved around i didn't keep a ton of my friends from portland.
but i'm totally okay with that. haha. 

what is your favorite blog currently?
right now i'm really a big fan of elsha rae's blog. her and her new husband just got married and holy dang they're the cutest couple to walk the earth. her blog is a gem. check it.

& thats all. 
logan in t-minus 16 days.


Megs said...

I do believe that was only 6 questions.
Just sayin'.

Jessica Hutcheson said...

fixed it. haha.