Tuesday, August 7, 2012

overwhelmed? yeah me too.

i'm a little overwhelmed. 
i leave for college in 10 days. 
i'm really proud of myself because i finished packing my room up in one afternoon. that's a big deal for me. haha. i just have a few last minute things to buy & then i'm set.

this post is what i like to call blog barf.

it's basically everything thats happened in the last week crammed into one post. 


okay, i saw this on the side of facebook where it says "recommended friends." IS THIS FOR REAL? well, apparently because i texted one of my 6 mutual friends and he said that chris p bacon is in his student ward at BYU. huh. 

we definitely bought 4 pounds of gummy worms.
and then they all got eaten.
i'm going to miss winco in utah.

obviously i'm the cute one in this friendship.

and then we had a party. 

the mountain is on fire. 
 and i had to drive through it.

 this little fox followed me for probably a quarter mile on my run last week. 

sometimes i get bareback butt.

 there's not a whole lot that i love more than the smell of a freshly mowed & baled field. 
it's beautiful, too.

also... sometimes my friends and i blow up coke bottles.


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Melia Clegg said...

im overwhelmed too.