Saturday, August 11, 2012

six days.

if you were to ask me what my biggest flaw is,  i would immediately reply that i'm a worrier. a complete worrier. from the outside, i might shrug and say that it's okay and it will work out, but on the inside i'm an anxious worried mess. i don't necessarily worry about the end result, because i always have faith that in the end it will work out, and i have no doubt that it will every time, but it scares me that i don't know what i might have to go through before i can get to that point. i'm nervous that something will go wrong and i'll let people down and not be able to go through with my commitments. stress has it's way of getting the best of me and clouding my thoughts so i can't see clearly. when that happens i usually take a nap and wake up with a clearer head. kinda like i did today. i'm not uptight, just a worrier.

and that's what i worry about. 

in other news.
i'm dying to go to the caldwell night rodeo. 
it's bad. reallly bad. 
unfortunately it's on the 16th, a mere two days before i leave for school and there's still so much to do... so i'm not sure that a rodeo is plausible this year. 
but i won't be so upset if next year a cute boy takes me to one.
yeah, that'd be okay.


p.s. stress less, jess.

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Jenny said...

Love your blog. Also, I love that you're an Aggie too.