Wednesday, August 29, 2012

sometimes you just know.

i'm not homesick yet. give it a little while and i will be, but not yet.

i literally cannot get over how perfect this school is for me. 
or how perfect my major is for me.
i am meant to be here. it's a perfect fit. 

wanna hear a story? 
so on tuesdays and thursdays the only classes i have are animal classes. i have a riding/lab class out at the barn that's fricken intense, and then animal science. i have missed being around country people so much. walking into a classroom and seeing nothing but camo, boots, wrangler jeans and tshirts feels so much like home to me. listening to the boy in front of me talk in a drawl about his animals like they're his children makes me warm inside. 

the people here will go above and beyond for you.

i'm a member of the student alumni association. 
i am a scholarship recipient, so it's a perk that comes with it. 
i get to plan homecoming and A-Week, as well as true aggie nights and other fun stuff like that. between that and area government, it's like student council for college kids. so much fun.

sometimes you just know that what you're doing is right.
this is one of those things. 
this school is going to do things for me i never thought possible. it will push me and break me and mold me into a better person. hopefully i'll have the opportunity to give something back. 
this school... i have no words for how well i fit in. 
i can walk around in my boots and hat and no one looks at me twice.

i feel at home here.

cause sometimes, you just know.

jess :)

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