Friday, August 31, 2012

aggie nation.

basically, utah state is the greatest place on earth.

on wednesday, we played high stakes bingo and drew pictures on the paper tables.
we didn't win and wendy and i both left with crazy headaches from all the roaring and excitement in the bingo house. haha. it was still a blast though.

 look how cute we are! my love my main girls.

this is kelsi. she's my favorite. 
we went hat shopping and i found this awesome camo utah state hat.
i seriously wanted to buy it but i'm a poor college student on a really tight budget. so. no hat. 
good thing my birthday is coming up ;)

these are my main girls. 
emily, paige, wendy, me, taylor, ciah, kelsi.
we do everything together & even though i've only known them for a little while, 
i love them all to death already.

this girl. i love her!

 utah state football is only the best thing to ever happen to utah. ever.

after being a part of the number one student section in history, i get why utah state athletics are so great. this school is the place that i know i'm supposed to be. it's truly an incredible place. aside from the fact that we seriously killed southern utah university at our game last night, doing the "i believe that we will win" chant was the coolest thing ever. to sum up. i love utah state.

stand strong, stand together.
jess :)

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Melia Clegg said...

i believe that we will win! pretty sure i cried.