Tuesday, September 4, 2012

its a good good life.

so, as most of you know, i'm an animal, dairy and veterinary science major at utah state. i have an equine emphasis, meaning that around 80% of all my classes for my major involve horses in some way.

for the semester, i'm assigned a "care horse". basically, we're assigned this horse and we're responsible for their general well being. this is my care horse, bob. i call him bobby. he's a beautiful bay roan. he's cute, i like him. i realize he looks like he's really back heavy in the middle picture but he's actually really nicely shaped... iphone cameras and wiggly horses don't go well together.  

i love horses, you guys. 

i'm so glad that i have an equine class in college... i think i'd get so homesick for my horse if i had to go a whole year without riding or grooming or kissing or hugging horses. (i'm still homesick for butterscotch... but bobby is a good replacement.)

in other news.
homework is stupid.
we play university of utah on friday. i'm stoked.
sometimes people are creepy and want to get into your pants.
i guess it's part of college. whateva.
my roommate is better than your roommate.
i went to the gym tonight and it felt so good to be active again and run all my stress off.

love, peace, blessins. 
xoxox jessica :)

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