Monday, September 3, 2012

titles are hard.

for real though!
some people. man i just shake my head at them.

labor day, in 20 words or less.
bountiful. family. queen sized beds. food. museums. shopping. movies. inspiring. love. so much fun.

blogging has taken a back burner while i figure out my life here in logan. 
i'm not struggling, just trying to figure out a daily schedule.
i'm a schedule person.

rage session.
when people are like "my biggest pet peeve is when people blow me off" and then not a day later you get blown off by that person. hypocritical much?


i effing love my roommate. for realz.

i've all the sudden become OCD and want to clean everything. this is new? haha. 
stay tuned for more exciting things this week!

peace n love

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