Monday, December 3, 2012

where are you willing to go?

after a nice long chat with one of my best friends this last week, i've decided to post about the ability to change and progress. this is a topic that is so dear to my heart because i've seen firsthand the ability the lord has to change our lives for the better and direct us to happier paths. 

there are so many people that you meet every day that have struggles and trials you never could have imagined. there are people that have things in their lives that they wish they could fix but are afraid to for fear of disappointing family members or friends, or are embarrassed to be judged by peers and leaders. we all like to pretend that we have no issues, but every single person you meet has dealt with something you couldn't imagine. 

there are things about your best friend that you probably don't even know. i never realized how strong people are until i came to school and met people from all over the world and heard about the things they deal with, whether it be family problems, financial problems, temptations, or things they're working on fixing. people amaze me all the time. 

so. moral of the story. 
don't be afraid. don't be embarrassed. 
god can take you amazing places. it is all dependent on you. are you willing?

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