Thursday, December 6, 2012

lately in #112,

my crazy roommate sings too loudly all the time.
i love special k cereal with red berries. the generic kind is just as good as the original.
i put up icicle lights all around my room. i love them.
going to bed at 3am has become a habit, which is awful.
clara and i like to reminisce about eagle high school. what a great place.
ella fitzgerald, frank sinatra, bing crosby, gene autry, barry manilow, the carpenters, transiberian orchestra. nuff said.
still no snow... waaaahhhh. 

today i had my practical for my riding fundamentals class. i was super nervous because this is hands down the most important class i have this semester... but i passed with flying colors, with only a few minor mishaps. i'm really proud of myself. this class challenged my horsemanship in every way and i am so much better for it.

i love winter.
i love horses.
i love my truck.
i'm glad finals are almost over.
i love utah state. 
i love christmas lights.
i love christmas music.
i love my life.

jessica :)

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