Friday, February 15, 2013

flirting with boys and things like that.

i'm jessica. 
i don't mind if you call me jess.
i have green eyes and long hair. 
i'm five foot three and i wear my cowboy boots everywhere.
you can take me or leave me. but i'm also really funny and pretty cute soo... i'd take me. haha. 

as i get older, and as i see the girls i grew up with getting engaged left and right, the more i'm convinced that the man that i'm going to marry will love me for exactly who i am, and not for the girl i portray myself as on facebook, and not the girl that someone else told him i was. he'll get to know me and he'll love me for me. i can't change who i am, and why the heck would i want to? there's no one else exactly like me on earth.

i'm not going to lie, i like flirting with boys. i think it's fun. 
but i've also learned the hard way that it's more important to become friends with a boy you like than it is to figure out the quickest way to get him to kiss you. so, lets be best friends, and then later lets get married. deal? good. 

i'd be perfectly fine with having a boyfriend right now. 
but am i ready to get married? heck to the no. 
maybe in two or three years. 

i have a list of ways to win my heart. if you'd like to know them, stick around. 
i'm doing a post on it later.
but don't worry. it's not too complicated. ;)

jessica :)

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Megs said...

yay yay yayyy. i'm praying for you to get a boyfriend because i think you'd write the best relationship posts. best of luck to you.
(please don't get married anytime soon)