Thursday, February 7, 2013

ten things you should know about me.

1) i believe that everyone deserves to find that one things in their life that makes them feel complete. for me, it's being in a barn. it doesn't really matter what kind of barn, as long as there's animals in it. (but i do like horses the best. hate on it.) its my escape.

2) college is hard for me. i've always been considered a "smart kid". you know, the kind that takes six ap classes their senior year in high school, and does well in all of them. but for some reason, i'm kind of struggling through school. it's completely, 110% worth it in my mind though. i'm here doing what i love to do.

3) the city scares me. it literally gives me a little knot of fear in my stomach. i feel out of place and feel like i'm always getting lost. hahahaha oh wait. i am. because i suck at finding things. which leads me to my next point.

4) i really suck at directions. you could tell me to turn left and i'll turn right. or keep going straight. there's a little disconnect in my brain that makes it impossible for me to find things & to follow instructions on how to get somewhere. it's probably my most frustrating quality.

5) i like people, but i don't need people. for a little while in high school, i felt like i needed to have people with me all the time. but i've gotten past that, and the older i get the more i realize that i really like not having to depend on people and i enjoy being independent. (even though it sucks sometimes.)

6) i love to drive places by myself. sometimes it's nice to have company, but most of the time i really love getting in my truck and driving to my destination by myself. it's kind of therapeutic.

7) i both love and hate idaho. my family has lived there for almost four years now, and all of the absolute best and absolute worst experiences of my life have happened there. i consider it more my home than oregon, and i lived there for twelve years. i spent all of elementary, middle, and a year of high school in stupid tigard, and i don't really remember anything about it there. (and nor do i want to.)

8) if you've got dark hair, you're in luck. i've never liked a guy with blonde hair. sometimes i think they're cute and stuff, but i've never had a crush on one or really even ever been interested.

9) i really, really, really love crime shows. ncis, csi ny, law and order... you get it.

10) i have three best friends. three girls who i know i can go to at any time for anything. collectively, we've all been through the same things which is why i need each of them. you know who you are and i'll love you forever.

thats all.
love, jessica.

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