Wednesday, March 27, 2013

6 reasons i didn't text you back.

to those of you that have been complaining lately that i'm bad at texting... this post is for you.
6 reasons i didn't text you back:

1. i think you're annoying.
this really is unlikely in most situations. but, if you text me "hey" like four times in a row without me responding, get a clue. no duh i'm not going to text you back. plus, unless we're good friends and you text me "just to talk" you can just accept that i probably won't text you back. if you really want to talk to me just call me.

2. i'm lazy.
i read your text, and thinking up a response or typing "haha yeah" is way more energy than i'm willing to expend at the moment.

3. i texted you back in my head and forgot to actually type it out.
this happens really often. it pisses my mom & best friends off, and i promise i'm not actually ignoring you. i probably set my phone down to wash a dish, or fill up my water bottle, or drive somewhere, and forgot to type what i meant to text to you. i have a one track mind. sorry.

4. you're hard to text/this conversation is boring.
i was talking to a guy for a while and literally we had the same conversation every single day. like really it was a struggle for me to come up with things to talk about with him. plus. i hate getting to know people over text message. really, we should just hang out. it's better that way. if you don't use emojis or smileys or full sentences or actually put some effort into this, i'm not going to waste time on you. so your one or two word texts just aren't cutting it.

5. the conversation was over.
if we're trading one word texts and i'm tempted to just say "k" or something, i'm just not gonna text you back.

6. i'm just busy. 
believe it or not, between a full time job, 17 credits and other responsibilities, i'm a really busy girl. if i don't text you back, i'm probably in class or working or being studious or something like that. dont take it personally.


MEESH said...

😜 Remember when we had text conversation using just emoji? That was fun. 😝

Megs said...

we are the same person.