Sunday, March 31, 2013

happy easter.

i love easter. after christmas, it's my favorite holiday.
this year was really, really hard for me. i made a lot of mistakes and went through miles and miles of hard times. this easter marks a year from the time my family was uprooted & my life was turned upside down, and so i have a certain tenderness and appreciation for this time of year. i love what easter is all about. it's not about a new dress to wear to church, or a fun easter basket with spring colored nail polish & lots of jelly beans and easter eggs. it's about recognizing Christ's sacrifice and resurrection and renewing our lives & being thankful for Him.
some people think it's a little crazy to put all your faith into someone who supposedly saved the entire human race. but you know what? i belive in Him. I have a relationship with him. 
because He did save us.
and i know he did.
how do i know?
i've prayed about it. i've read the scriptures and asked heavenly father to know if Jesus really was who we say He is. i've talked with my church leaders, my mom & dad, grandparents, friends, aunts and uncles, basically anyone who would talk to me about my questions. and i received an answer.
to me, Christ is more than a spiritual leader who taught people moral lessons two thousand years ago. to me, Christ is my personal redeemer. He suffered beyond what anyone imagined was possible. He was ridiculed and mocked and ultimately killed, because He knew what his purpose was. He was laid in a tomb after his crucifixion, and then three days later, He walked out perfectly alive and with a perfect body.
because He suffered for you and i, because He suffered death, we can live again.
this year especially means a lot to me because i have had too many friends & family members pass away this year, and knowing i can see them again and that they are still with me gives me so much comfort. it's hard when someone you've been friends with for years and years suddenly be gone. its a harsh reality. they were all my age, went to high school with me, i laughed and went on dates and parties with these guys. in some cases, it's my friends siblings. it's beyond what was expected but it's alright in the end. He lives. He is a living witness that death can be overcome. it is so wonderful to know that we can see those we love who have passed on again- because of the wonderful gift that our older brother gave us.
we can become perfect because He suffered for us. He loves us, and i am so grateful for Him.

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