Saturday, March 16, 2013

everyone loves some good ecards.

and this is one of the two reasons i'm becoming a vet instead of a people doctor. (the second reason is because people make me squeamish. yeah.)

it's so true. i'm a perfectly average height, (kay maybe a little on the short side) but i totally love it. i can date short boys and i hate feeling taller than other people. if i marry a shortish man, i feel sorry for my children. no one in my family is over 5'11". they're screwed in the height department. whatever though, they'll get plenty of humor, wit, & good looks.

okay i'm sorry i couldn't resist. but it's so true about some people. 

i'm definitely one of those people that plans out whole conversations in my head & then expects them to like... happen exactly how i imagined. they're usually with guys though and we all know how hopeless they are. gosh. conversations are hard.

seriously though. if i suggest we hang out you're probably real special. 

i am so guilty of this all the time. sometimes i think "jess. stop. you're being so boring." 
DO I LOOK LIKE IGAF??? no. no i dont. 

um yes. i really enjoy being right. 

soo... ecards are fab. 
have a great day.
jessss :)

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