Thursday, March 14, 2013


"if you don't know where you're goin, you might end up somewhere else."

if you look in the trash can at work, all you're gonna see is baling twine and probably 300 cans of mountain dew. i don't know what it is with all these guys being so obsessed with it. to be honest, i cant really handle it. it makes me go super insane. haha.

i love going on walks. at least when it's nice-ish. when it's freezing cold outside, not so much. but today was seriously beautiful & i couldn't resist going on a long walk around campus. and i didn't even wear shoes. whaaaaaa. i know summer is just around the corner when i can walk around barefoot without my feet freezing. 

the gutter at work broke. and not only did it break, it's broken until tuesday. and guess who works every stinkin day until then? me. ughhh. there's probably nothing that makes me more pissed than having to haul out all that shit by hand. but, talking to the old farmers after work about it was stinkin hilarious. according to them, the gutter system was supposed to be the "next new thing" in tie stall technology but  i quote: "that thing is bigger shit than the stuff that's supposed to go in it!" i laughed so hard.

at the equine center i had an interesting experience with a mare not-so-fondly named "man-eater" today. WHAT A NIGHTMARE. seriously. she's awful. i have never been so terrified while cleaning a stall. but on the bright side, the foals are so cute. they're at that age where their personalities are showing and they just want to play with you and they are about too cute to handle.

life is good. 
jess :)

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