Thursday, March 7, 2013

what the crap?

have you ever had those days when you look back on it and you're like, "what the fricken crap happened today?" it's been a weird day. no one needs to know details at the moment. but just know it was weird. good. but weird.

i think i'm sick. i turned down luke bryan concert tickets.

as recently discussed with a friend, one of my top pet peeves is when people show up unannounced to my house/apartment/where ever i am at the time. like seriously i hate it. it's one thing if they shoot me a text sayin something like "hey i'm coming over!" and then come over but seriously if you just show up and want me to entertain you there's a 97% chance i'll tell you to go home. and i ain't even sorry.

you know that cinnamon chunk bread from great harvest? i want some.

okay jess go to bed before you hurt yourself.


1 comment:

Em and Ms said...

My visiting teacher brought me a whole loaf of that cinnamon bread last week. It was yummy ;)