Wednesday, March 6, 2013

i like carbs.

i realize that the title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with the picture of this cute mare and her baby. but ya know what? i really do like carbs. like bread. and potatoes. and steak. in fact sometimes i feel like a man because i just want steak. it's a problem. hahahahah what who am i kidding it's not a problem. it's great. 

it was 46 degrees today and i almost cried i was so happy. i didn't know what to do with myself. so. i drove to class early, made some crystal light, played some loud music. it was great. but i lost my favorite pair (read: my only pair) of sunglasses. so... thats sad. but hey jack the grass is showing and that's a big deal.

when i'm older i want to live in tennessee. and texas. actually... probably not texas. my dad's from there and i've heard horror stories. but who knows. 

MY MIDTERMS ARE DONE HALLELUJAH. (i just spelled hallelujah right on the first try. hallelujah.) 

my camo shirt got a hole in it. oh well. that means i get to buy four new ones to replace it. muahaha.

i love duck dynasty. and i'm kinda really glad i'm going home next week to watch the new ones i've missed. roommates are dumb. and duck dynasty is funnier when i watch it with my brother. did that rhyme?...
mmkay thats all. 

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