Tuesday, March 5, 2013


seriously. i've been hardcore craving cinnamon rolls this week.

i. am. so excited. for next week. i get to see my best friend in the whole world, go ride some good horses with my favorite ex boyfriend & family... it'll be a good time.

could everyone quit getting engaged and married and quit having babies please? thank you. i appreciate it. its making me feel old and dammit, i'm not old. i'm eighteen. 

i'm ready for spring break to get here. five more days. i can do this. i feel burned out. midterms suck.

usually i don't like texting... but i like texting him.

i reorganized my entire itunes library. things learned: 1) i have so many songs. 2) playlists are really hard to name. 3) there are a lot of songs i forgot i had that i'm in love with.

boys are seriously simplistic. they like to talk about themselves, eat food, and be complimented. PLOT TWIST: thats what girls like too. whaaaat?

okay thats all. love you peace out and all that good junk.
jessica :)

1 comment:

Megs said...

i love that you're not afraid to swear.
i definitely consider you a kindred spirit.

oh, and you're not old.