Tuesday, December 10, 2013

untitled: december 10, 2013

i love this picture. partly because this is how we look 98% of the time we're together... happy. and probably making stupid jokes and laughing at each other. the other reason i love this picture is because for whatever reason, my neck has completely disappeared. it's great, huh?

i just got done looking at flights with my mom and michelle, trying to decide if it's more economical for me to drive than to fly. it's stupid because a one way flight from SLC to BOI is $140... but a flight from BOI to SLC is $315. makes sense. in conclusion: it's definitely cheaper to drive.

even though i don't see brandon every day, i love all the little reminders of him around my room. the quotes he wrote on my noteboard, the christmas candle, our picture, the elf movie on my bedside table, the knife that never leaves my pocket or bag, the blanket i stole from him, and the dozen roses that are still blooming two weeks later. i'm pretty dang lucky, if you ask me. in fact, i'm pretty sure there's not another college sophomore with a better boyfriend. (P.S. dear brandon: i'm sorry i suck at texting. i'll do better tomorrow than i did today, okay?? :))

i feel like there's something important that i was supposed to do today that i forgot to do. worst. feeling. ever. 

also, this cold is getting worse. mayday, mayday. but- hallelujah for modern day medicine. nyquil is my best friend! also i'm good at eating cough drops like they're candy.

hope you are all having a great day- and hey, the week is half over! whoo!!


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