Friday, January 3, 2014

it's a new year!

Work selfies. They're the greatest. 

Wow, I honestly thought for a while 2014 would never get here! How crazy! I don't have any resolutions per say, but I do have some goals for sure.

 Make some serious progress in school. I am literally swimming going nowhere. I mean, I have a general idea but I'd really love to have a definitive career path lined up. For heavens sakes, I'll be applying to vet school in a year. I should probably figure out my life.

Be more organized. That means cleaning out my truck regularly, saving all my receipts for things, and tracking my spending more closely. Man, I feel like a responsible adult or something. 

Take more risks and have more fun. I am so excited for this year... I'll be 20 this year and so I want to do fun things! I'm kind of over playing it safe. 

Save some money. Mostly because I'd like to have an emergency fund that's bigger than $50 at any point in time. Also, having a nice little nest egg is always a good idea. 

other updates: Brandon and I are doing great as usual. He came and stayed with my family for a few days over winter break and seeing how well he meshed with them was seriously awesome. I sure do love that man. This year is going to be a seriously tell tale year for us. Lots of exciting things on the horizon! We got a new roommate in our apartment and she actually looks like a lot of fun, I'm pretty excited to get to know her. In general, things are going amazingly. I am so happy with the upward turn my life has taken, and the wait for it was so worth it. 
Also, here's a good song to listen to. 


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