Saturday, December 8, 2012

on nights like this.

i generally like people. there's only been two people in my entire life that i could say i truly honestly 100% dislike 100% of the time. 

however. there's this girl that lives across the street who's friends with one of the roommates that tends to hang out in our apartment at the most inconvenient of times. she's really condescending, rude and inconsiderate so needless to say, when she shows up i either stand in the living room and say bratty things in the attempt to make her leave or i go to my room and turn obnoxious music up really loud, again in the attempt to make her leave. 

and so, you can imagine just how i felt when after an already terrible day, i walked out into the living room and suddenly she was there, sitting in my spot on my couch. i was about ready to scream, considering i was gone for about three seconds to get a blanket and i had just put in my favorite movie to watch in a rare moment of quiet when everyone in my apartment was gone. and then she shows up? nice. i would watch my movie on my computer but it's so ghetto that it doesn't even have a disc drive.

so, i just locked myself in my room with my coke and some twix, turned my kid cudi up really loud and am browsing pinterest. just livin' the good life.

but really, she needs to leave now.

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Ashley Nelson said...

We have that same problem in my apartment. The girl came in and actually turned my movie off. SHE DOESN'T EVEN LIVE HERE!!!!!!! So I was a brat and she is exactly the same WAY!!!! I can't stand her and am glad I am moving at semester.