Sunday, December 9, 2012

things i don't understand about girls.

it's not a wonder that boys love us girls. i mean, come on, we're beautiful & majestic & we smell nice. but, regardless of the plus sides of women, my own gender tends to confuse me sometimes. we're emotional & catty and more often than not, really crazy. there are some things that us girls do that i will probably never understand. and here they are.

the gossip: a girl can tell you all she wants that she never gossips about other girls, or that she's not catty, but ya know what? living with a bunch of girls has taught me otherwise. and guess what? the ones who say they're not good at living with girls are the most catty, cause they're used to the boys catering to their every need. i've seen it multiple times. girls tend to run their mouths, & even though they tell themselves that they're not gossiping... they are. in fact, the amount of drama girls cause is directly proportional to how much they say they hate drama. truuuth. 

goo-hoarding: i got this term from jenna marbles and it is literally spot on. i don't know about the rest of the girls in the world, but i am completely incapable of totally finishing a beauty product. it really doesn't matter what it is. shampoo... nail polish... facewash... mascara... lip gloss... chapstick... moisturizer... you get the idea. i can't do it. the bottles are always like 1/8th full and they always take up space in my cupboards. it's an epidemic. maybe there should be a show on tlc about it. haha.

how we insist that boys be perfect: you see this all the freakin time. girls can let themselves completely go and be unhealthy, but they can tell themselves "i'm beautiful no matter what!" which i believe is true to a point. but. the thing that really irritates me is that us girls expect to find a prince charming when we're really not cinderella... at all... yeah. one of my roommates and i were talking about this the other day. if you're a 10, you're probably going to attract a 10. and by 10, i mean you're a kardashian and can marry whoever the heck you want. if you're an 8, you'll attract an 8. if you're a 4, you're going to attract a 4. that's just how it is. so stop complaining about how no hot boys like you and take a freakin look at yourself, and find a boy that's like you. cause chances are, if you're not model material, you're not gonna marry a model. that's how relationships work, y'all.

all that crap inside our bags: but mostly receipts, random objects, and super old pieces of nasty gum from like, six months ago. yeah i don't know why we insist on keeping trash inside our bags. pieces of paper, old granola bars, (in case we're suddenly ravenous), 138593 tubes of lip gloss, chapstick, etc., 3 or 4 empty gum packets, movie ticket stubs... you get the idea. 

the things we lie about: no, i don't like him. yeah i like never have to study for anything. of course this is my real tan! i never watch that show. i miss you! no, i'm not jealous! so glad i'm single, best thing ever. i have like 500 followers on pinterest. i love you so much! lets hang out soon! he's just my best guy friend. of course i don't like him still. i am so fat right now. i can eat like whatever i want without getting fat. no, of course i'm not on my period. i know how to drive a stick. i'm so happy for you! enough said? yep. i think so. 

so, what don't you get about girls?

jessica :)

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