Monday, December 31, 2012


it's been a year exactly since i started this blog.
so much has happened since then.
i've done so much growing up, it almost makes me sick to think about it.
right now, i'm at a place that i never thought i would be at.
things have happened to my family that i never thought would happen.
i've become stronger.
more thoughtful.
more understanding.
less judgemental.
more flexible.
2012 sucked, lets just be honest. but, despite that, i'm very grateful for all the personal growth that has occurred from the trials.

it's been a year since today that this blog has been up.

in exactly a year, the jessica story has gotten exactly 10,000 pageviews. that's more than my first blog had in the whole six years i had it. you guys are awesome.

so, lets take a look at this year, shall we?

went to see brad paisley, the band perry, and scotty mccreery at the idaho center with dear chas. probably the best concert i've seen to date.
- celebrated my three year anniversary with the best horse ever. 
- realized that the beginning of my life was just around the river bend. man, little did i know just how hard it would be. 

- said some pretty smart things.
- visited utah state, hoping it would be my future home. 
- fell in love with cache valley.

- decided to be kinder.
- learned some hard lessons and realized that i could survive college.

- had the best and most meaningful easter ever. 
- some crazy shiz happened to my family and i learned some very important lessons the hard way.
- realized that i might be one of the few country girls at utah state. 

- my family moved out of our home in 24 hours and realized that our support system was bigger than i could have ever imagined.
- lived with my best friend for two months.
- celebrated mothers day with my three mother figures. 

- reflected on everything i've learned about myself thru the years.
- spent some quality time with my dad.

- went to the midnight premiere of the new batman with my bestie.
- drove to logan and back in one day. 
- realized after having a relationship with a non-country boy i couldn't settle for anything but. 

- my college countdown reached the single digits. 
- realized that utah state is the best place on earth. 
- went to my first college football game as a student. 

- realized how blessed i am to be country
- became a full fledged member of the equine program at utah state. 
- rushed the field after the best football game in utah state history. 
- planned homecoming week and participated in my first ever true aggie night. 
- turned the ripe old age of 18.

- drove to byu for the byu vs. usu football game, and to visit my two best friends. 
- started club calves.
- went to my first residence life retreat with area government and made 
some simply amazing new friends. 
- went home and went through the boise temple open house. 
- finished my cow and sold her at auction. 

- celebrated a very low key thanksgiving with my family. 
- realized just how grateful i am for my friends. 
- second guessed what i was supposed to be doing with my life. 

- saw my first collegiate horse show and realized that i'm doing what i'm supposed to. 
- came to the conclusion that girls are absolutely insane.
- finished my first amazing semester of college. 
- dealt with some death and other hard things. 

so that's about it! this year was definitely a year of extremes- both the extreme good and the extreme bad, but you know what? i am beyond grateful for how much this year has pushed me, stretched me, broke me down and built me up. i am so excited for what this next year has to bring!


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